Keep It in the Family (3)



Bradley Walsh


ITV Studios and Over The Top Productions for ITV, 26 October 2014 to 19 December 2015 (13 episodes in 2 series + 1 special)


Three generations of rival families do battle for some large prizes - a family holiday, a brand new car - and some lesser rewards, such as a string of sausages.

The youngest generation makes all the big decisions - which of their team plays the game, and which prizes the family can win.

Celebrities (or stars of other ITV shows) each hold the clue to a prize. The winning family chooses to keep what's hidden in their chosen box, or drop the prize - and the star.

Three competition rounds determine the winner. The first changes from week to week, and it's usually the most entertaining part of the show. A spectacular performance from guest stars (for instance, fire jugglers) leads into a game related to what we've just seen. It could be the families attempting to re-create what they've seen, or something more tangential.

Who takes part in the games? The child captain picks one of the three grown-ups on their team. What prize does the winner take? The child captain has a choice of two: a trip to Pisa or pizzas for a year. Two of the week's celebrities argue on behalf of one of the prizes, but the rejected prize and celebrity is dropped through a trapdoor.

Keep It in the Family (3) The prize was not defying gravity.

The remainder of the show treads the same format. A group of grannies give clues to things in pop culture. The better team at this game gets another prize. Then the families dress up in costumes and latex heads for a quiz round. After this third round, the family with fewer points leaves us, with the promise of a further experience they can all share.

The winning family take part in the prize round. They're shown six prizes - a car, a foreign holiday, a couple of consumer durables, and a couple of cheap joke prizes. Each prize is in a box, and the box is held by one of the invited celebrities. There's an unsubtle clue for the prize. The family hears two rhymes, decides which prize to keep, and drops the other.

It's light and fluffy entertainment, much more boisterous than Countryfile on the other side. It's aimed at getting ITV viewers to tune in before The X Factor results show. All the ideas are good, but many stay far longer than they need to, and there isn't much variety between shows.

Keep It in the Family (3) The Grannies appear every week.

Key moments

Bradley throwing a tantrum after one of the players knocked the buzzer off in the quiz round.

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The show used social media @KIITFofficial and #KeepItInTheFamily.

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