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Alex Kramer (2006-7)
Ben Baldwin (2006-7
Zo Christien (2007)
Charlie McArdle (2007)
Yiolanda Koppel (2007)
Emily Booth
Dave O'Reilly (2006-7)
Anna Fowler (stand-in)
Mel Peachey (stand-in)
Katy Pullinger (stand-in)
Russ Spencer (stand-in)


"The Boss" (voiceover unknown)


ITV Productions for ITV1/ITV Play, 29 September 2006 to 23 December 2007


Well, you've probably got the idea of premium-rate phone in quizzes by now so there's no point in explaining that. Meanwhile, from a presentation point of view, Make Your Play at the start was seriously unbearable to watch - no entertainment value whatsoever. Even the short-lived Boss character (who used to phone the host and order them to increase the money) failed to add anything at all.

But somewhat strangely, the show gradually became slightly more bearable and the presenters did manage to loosen up a bit. We'll give it that (at the least). Anyway, it was Make Your Play that left our screens last when the ITV Play bandwagon wound up after two years and a week of midnight money-making...sorry, quizzing.


It's the longest-running show to be broadcast by ITV Play. Quizmania lasted longer than MYP although its first months on-air were spent at obscure digital stations such as Information TV.

MYP was the first programme to tell viewers how many call entries had been recieved. This later became a rule amongst the few remaining phone-in quiz shows left on air when ICSTIS introduced new regulations for the industry.

Although we list her as a host, Emily Booth only ever presented one edition of the show


The show had a website at but it's been taken down.


Image:Make Your Play set.jpg The Make Your Play set!

See also

The Zone - a short-lived daytime version of the show.


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