Marian Chanter



The Concert


The Krypton Factor (1987 champion)


The first (and only) female Krypton Factor "Superperson of the Year", who went on to do a bit of presenting work for Granada. She lived at the time in Lostwithiel in Cornwall, where she was a baker.


She appears on a list of "famous vegetarians", several dozen copies of which turn up when you type her name into a search engine. There are people in Taiwan who've never heard of The Krypton Factor (much less The Concert, which even we've barely heard of) but know Marian Chanter is a vegetarian.

Chanter performed superbly in all her 'Krypton Factor' flight simulator tests. Following her Grand Final performance, the flight instructor said that she should have her job, while he should have hers, namely baking Cornish pasties. Well done, Marian.


Not one of Marian's finest moments - from the Krypton Factor Grand Final of 1987 - but fair play to her, she still won the race.


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