Mastermind Subjects


The following specialised subjects have appeared on the programme:

  • Aztec Mythology
  • The Life-cycle and Habits of the Honey-Bee
  • The Moomin Saga by Jove Jansson
  • Notable British Prisoners
  • Burial Grounds of London (taken by the 1981 champion, Leslie Grout)
  • The Vampire in British Fiction
  • The Eleventh-century Japanese Tale of Genji and Lady Murasaki
  • The Buddhist Sage Niciren

While the following were rejected:

  • Routes to Anywhere in Mainland Britain by Road from Letchworth
  • Orthopaedic Bone Cement in Total Hip Replacement
  • The Development of the Self-service Petrol Station, 1963-68
  • Cremation Practice and Law in Britain
  • Chicago Gangsters of the Prohibition Era - Christopher Hughes proposed this one, but the producers felt it wasn't sufficiently well-documented.
  • The History of the Existentialist and Phenomenological Philosophical Movement
  • The Banana Industry
  • The History of St. Andrews University
  • The Managerial Career of Brian Clough - rejected during the Magnusson era, though "The Life and Career of Brian Clough" was eventually used in 2016.
  • Meteorology for the Private Pilot Licence
  • History of the World Since Jesus Christ - rejected for being, in producer Jon Kelly's words, "a bit broad".
  • History of Europe Since Jesus Christ - proposed by the same person after the previous subject was rejected.
  • The History of Loganberries
  • Perfect Squares to 992 = 9801
  • Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend (as Everybody Knows)
  • The Natural Life of the Goldfish

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