Matt Lucas



The Great British Bake Off

Shooting Stars (scorekeeper)


Walking rictus grin. Does stuff with David Walliams such as Rock Profile, notably the first UKTV commission to air on the BBC, Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, in which they skewered people who don't really need to be skewered, but not Boyz Unlimited - see Walliams' article.


Has been hit at least three times; once aged four by a car, once aged six by a permanent bout of alopecia totalis, and once aged 22 by Dominik Diamond. You can read all about the last of these at Dom & Kirk's Night O' Plenty (Dart In The Head).

Has released the singles "I'm Gay" as Daffyd Thomas (credited to Little Britain), "Thank You Baked Potato" (a Shooting Stars offcut hastily repackaged following the COVID-19 pandemic), and "Merry Christmas, Baked Potato"; "I'm Gay" stiffed, but the other two charted at numbers 1 and 98 on the UK Singles Sales Chart. He has nothing to do with the 1963 "I'm Movin' On" Billboard charter of the same name, however much his humour may have dated from then.

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