Meet the Challenge



Debbie Flint


Announcer: Alan Dedicoat


Objective Productions for BBC One, 29 June to 31 July 1998 (25 episodes in 1 series)


The old Generation Game-style "watch an expert and repeat what they do" shenanigans, re-versioned for a lifestyle-oriented daytime audience (i.e. not as much fun). Being that sort of show, it majored on DIY and craft skills like flower arranging, upholstering a chair, tiling a bathroom wall, fixing a flatpack, transforming a bookshelf, waxing legs, sanding doors and brushing pets' teeth. We tried that but the damn goldfish wouldn't keep still.

Experts on the series include Handy Andy, Anna Ryder Richardson and Trevor Sorbie.


Stripped Monday to Friday at 10am and never repeated, on the BBC at least. We could certainly see UK Living picking it up, but we're not sure that ever actually happened.


Part 1 of an episode.


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