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Hackney-born comedian, one of the stars of the seminal stand-up show The Comedians. Later he was best remembered as Frank Butcher on EastEnders, and best forgotten for his late-night naughty ITV clip shows.

He died in July 2007 from a heart attack; his death delayed the broadcast of The Baron by nine months.


He originally trained as a stunt driver, and was Roger Moore's stunt double in The Saint.

He got offered a regular slot on The Comedians after winning a national talent search organised by Butlins. The compere for the final was Hughie Green, who tried to persuade Reid to enter Opportunity Knocks as well, but Reid refused as he'd heard unfounded rumours that Green demanded a cut of future earnings from acts "discovered" on the show.

Played Doug 'The Head' Denovitz in Guy Richie's gangster film Snatch.

Once advertised the soft drink Oasis.

Not to be confused with DJ and Pop Quiz host, Mike Read, or the chef Mike Reid (Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef).

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