Mixing It


Jonathan "Jono" Coleman


Bazal for Channel 5, 14 September 1997 to 2 May 1998 (2 series)


UK cookery game show presented by a former Australian DJ. Work that one out.

The contestants, who are TV chefs, are given a main course to make within a time limit, but when the gong is struck they must stop where they are and the next chef takes over. But they must change the recipe completely and the same goes for the third chef. They have to change it with the ingredients available.

The set of Mixing it

In the second part of the programme, they must make side dishes from the ingredients left. One of the chefs must use a 'random' ingredient picked by a member of the audience without knowing what it is.

The food is then tasted by a members of the audience and they choose a winner.


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