Name That Tone



Stephen Mulhern


Team captain: Holly Willoughby


The Foundation and Granada for ITV1, 6 September to 29 November 2005 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Five-minute filler item from Ministry of Mayhem (which by this time seemed to have rebranded to just its initials - MOM - a sure sign of a show on its last legs) that got lifted straight from the parent show and repeated on weekday afternoons for some reason. Two kids, one assisted by Willoughby and the other by a star guest, are asked to identify hit songs from ringtones. There's also a random oriental bloke, Mr. Lee, who sings one of the mystery songs, for no very good reason. (But random oriental blokes are just automatically funny, right? Well no, not always...)

Presumably the idea was to put out a five-minute segment as an extended trailer, and thus entice people to take a look at the main Saturday morning show. We said at the time that if this was the best showcase they could come up with, they didn't stand a chance, and in retrospect we'd have to say: told you so.


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