Saturday Showdown



Stephen Mulhern and Holly Willoughby


The Foundation for ITV, 7 January - 10 June 2006; CITV 17 June - 1 July 2006

Saturday Showdown Xtra, CITV, 11 March - 10 June 2006


After SM:TV came to the end of its life in 2003, ITV's replacement was the Ministry of Mayhem, an attempt to revive Tiswas and compete with the gunge-filled Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow. A number of formats were tried during 2004 and 2005, none of them lasted for more than a few months.

In a last roll of the dice, the format was tweaked into a boys versus girls competition, set in the flat shared by Holly and Stephen. Any resemblance to Dick 'n' Dom was surely a coincidence. Games were typically played for just a few weeks, then discarded, and the show never missed an opportunity to fling around muck when nothing much was happening.

An additional programme, imaginatively entitled Saturday Showdown Xtra, aired on the CITV channel after it launched in March. ITV decided to use its main channel for cookery programmes, rather than the traditional children's programming, forcing the final three episodes over to CITV. The show died without much fanfare on 1 July 2006.

The puppet hyenas from the show later got their own spin-off, Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom.

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