Name Your Price (2)



David Dickinson


Voice over artist: Sally Wallace


ITV Studios for ITV, 26 June to 21 July 2017 (20 episodes in 1 series)


Teams decide whether to trust David Dickinson when he's talking about antiques.

The ITV Press Office gave a very good description in advance publicity. We'll add comments as we go through.

Across three rounds, David Dickinson describes three objects, detailing their history and provenance. However, he is only telling the truth about one item, the valuable one, and the information about the other two items is completely false. Each pair of contestants decides which is the truly valuable item and which are "the Duke's deceptions".

The teams have nothing to base their decisions on. It's just a hunch, some guesswork. Three rounds of this, worth 10-20-30 points, and then the lowest of three teams leaves. (Need a tie-break? Value a very expensive item, shown as a picture.)

David Dickinson, looking a bit like Guy Smiley.
The two couples with the highest scores go through to the semi-final, where they are shown five items and are then given five cash labels. After David has described each item, one member from each team has 30 seconds to match the object with its correct cash value.

This segment feels a bit like Runaround: lots of standing about, then a few seconds of action. 20 points per right answer, and the higher score over the show so far wins.

Just one couple will make it through to the final round - the Duke's Bobby Dazzler - in which David describes two items, one of which is worth £5,000 and the other is 'cheap as chips', worth just £50. David also offers the contestants a cash sum so they can either choose to take a risk and win the cash value of an item or take the cash. Can they spot the truly valuable object or will they decide to take the cash in hand instead?
Dickinson flashes the cash.

We're guaranteed a climax, did the team make the right decision? Have they won £5000, have they taken a good buyout, or have they messed it up?

But to get that far, we've had to sit through a lot of David Dickinson, and that's not to everyone's taste. A voice-over explains the rules, recaps the rounds, and gives the scores, but the star of this show is David Dickinson and his flapping tongue.

Title music

Paul Farrer, credited for "Music".

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