Noddy's Electric Ladyland



Noddy Holder


Team captains: Femi Oke and Michele Stephens

Scorer: Emma Morton-Smith


One Media iP for Men and Motors, 4 April to 31 October 1998 (31 episodes in 1 series)


Billed by ITV Studios as being "a musical quiz show that paved the way for such hits as 'Nevermind The Buzzcocks' and shoot offs such as 'Shooting Stars'" [sic], despite both shows predating this one by several years.

Theme music

Shirehorses, who would later present Pop Upstairs Downstairs.


Emma Morton-Smith, who scored the show, would have a No. 5 hit the following year with a superior cover of Roxy Music's More Than This.

Produced by Holder's wife Suzan.


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