North vs South


OJ Borg


Nuts TV, September 2007


Quiz for lads and ladettes either side of Watford Gap - or for the purposes of this show, Leicester, which is taken as the dividing point largely because it happens to be the host's home town. The format consists of an uneasy mix of "comedy" rounds, trivia (at least they acknowledge that the "Your Place or Mine?" round is a straight lift from A Question of Sport - not that this excuses it, mind) and Fluke-like guessing games (here's a picture of a random person - are they from the north or the south?), with production values which are so low as to be practically non-existent. Though in comparison to most of the channel's output, it's The Krypton Factor. Is this what digital TV was made for? (Answer: no.)

Not to be confused with N v S, though that was pretty bad too.


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