On the Spot (1)



Des O'Connor


Suzi Perry

Alan Dedicoat (voiceover)


BBC One, 29 July to 2 September 2000 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Winning Lines is over for another season so it's about time the BBC came up with something tedious and inferior to fill the timeslot for the Summer months. Excellently, this one features the top banter of your friend and his, megastar Des O'Connor!

The show is filmed live from somewhere in Britain (Will it be your town? Who cares?) and the show is split up into three sections, which intermingle with each other. They are (in order of interest):

The National Lottery Draws: Self-explanatory really.

On the Street: Co-host goes out onto the street and gives £100 away to random people if they can answer a question. "Is that all I have to do? Flip-o-blimey!"

On the Spot: The main 'game' as it were, two people answer 10 questions on a specialist subject against the clock. Each question has a choice of three answers but none of them are silly ones a la 100%. Whoever does best goes through to the final.

In what is the best bit of the show (and believe us, it's not saying much), the winner selects two sub-categories within their specialist subject. In the style of Talkabout, they list as many things as they can that fits in that subject in the hope that they hit the magic three objects. If they manage to fill both lists up within a minute, and they can call out 'change' to swap the subjects around excitingly, they win a dream prize. If not then they don't, we would imagine.

So then, with many people complaining that they "just want the numbers" they now have a really good argument. It's called On The Spot. Oxycute it!

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