Pick a Number



Phil McKay


Border, 1984-6

Grampian (also Scottish one year), 3 October 1987 to 4 August 1996


Schools quiz involving two teams. In the first round, Pick A Pop, they had to run to the wall and pick a pop star then answer a question on that person. The second round was Pick A Number (hence the name). At the end, the team with the least points had to pick someone in their team to get gunged.

After an inital three-year stay at Border Television, the show was transferred to Grampian Television. Whilst at GTV, it was picked up by Scottish for a solitary series. Grampian kept it until 1996.


Phil McKay himself. He was also credited as Programme Associate for the GTV version.


Had a clever scoring device. Yellow balls were put in a wiggly scoring track, a bit like a more tortuous version of Runaround, and this enabled you to read the black numbers that were stuck to the front glass.

Also span off into a Scotland-wide roadshow tour.


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