Play the Game (2)



Sarra Elgan and Steve Wilson


Darrall Macqueen Productions for ITV1, November to ? 2004


Kids are given numbered T-shirts and are seemingly picked at random using giant snowballs (sort of a bit like 50/50). Then they pair off and play some not terribly good arcade games of the sort you used to find on Saturday morning telly. Each contestant has a "phone buddy" they can use to play the game in their place, and if they win they win a prize for themselves.

The players are whittled down single-elimination style until there is just one person left. The prizes they will play for are determined by a member of the audience unwrapping giant presents on stage against the clock. This person gets to take one prize home for themselves depending on which one they were opening when the clock hits ten seconds to go.

To win the prizes, they have to play another game against a random member of the audience. This is done by finding someone at random and asking them a question with a numerical answer (how tall are you? What's your house number?). This process continues until the buzzer goes, and whoever was selected at that time plays against the winner of the main game for all the prizes.

For some reason, the presentation of show has a seventies glam feel to it and there is a cool bunny motif used throughout the show.

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Image:Play the game bunnies.jpg The bunnies used in the games (left to right): Betty the BMXer, Ollie the skateboarder, Trix the rollerblader, and Scoot on the scooter.


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