Pot of Gold


Des O'Connor


Central in association with Talbot Television for ITV, 28 July 1993 to 3 July 1995 (12 episodes in 2 series)


This was the first gameshow, we think, to be tied in so neatly to a paper.

Essentially this was a talent show. Six acts would try to please the judges, one would be picked randomly from the audience, the other one would be a celebrity. There was also a seventh act, but the audience voted for this based on thirty seconds from several. The one who scored highest on the clapometer got a chance at proper stage time.

The Pot of Gold came to the people with game cards at home. The two scores out of fifty were added up for each act. If they matched what was on the card at home then you won a prize. At the end all seven scores were added up for the 'jackpot' total. If this matched you won big.

The talent winners probably went through to a final too.


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