Pressure Cooker



Voiceover: Rory McGrath


LWT for ITV1, 18 to 22 December 2006 (5 episodes in 1 series)


Five members of the public who think they're "it" at cooking trying to impress diners at a London restaurant. Each person cooks a different course, and the 5th person is the Maitre D'. The diners vote for who did the best job gets a round of applause and a bottle of bubbly. They all shuffle positions around each day, with the overall winner getting £1000.

Incidentally, why producers keep using Rory McGrath for voiceover duties despite him possessing one of the most indistinct and muffled voices in Britain is a kettle of fish in itself.


Aired for a week at 5.30pm after a second helping of The Price is Right with Joe Pasquale when it was on its last legs.


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