Puzzle Corner



Richard Murdoch (radio)

Ronnie Waldman (TV and film)


BBC National Programme / Home Service, 3 January 1938 to 1950? (successively part of Monday at Seven, Monday Night at Eight and Family Hour, and sometimes as a standalone programme)

Cinema shorts, 1950-9 (23 films); TalkingPictures TV, 22 February 2021 (film 22)

BBC-tv, 1950-2 (as part of Kaleidoscope)

BBC-tv, 1953-6


Playalong quiz which was a popular feature in a succession of wireless variety formats throughout the 1940s.

When the quiz transferred to television, it was conducted by telephone. Contestants were chosen in an unusual manner - a town would be announced in advance, and people in that town would have to put the Radio Times in their window if they wanted to take part.

A popular part of the show was a write-in competition to spot a deliberate mistake, which produced literally sackfuls of responses every week.

A film variant was produced as a "supporting feature" for cinemas, mostly using stock footage with Ronnie Waldman quizzing the audience in voiceover.


During 1941, there were several charity "Prize Puzzle Corner" specials, with a £100 prize. There was a 1s 9d entry fee, which went to the Red Cross. This spun off into a regular £250 Red Cross Radio Contest.

TalkingPictures TV repeated episode "Number 22" in February 2021.


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