Qd - The Master Game



Tim Brooke-Taylor


Lisa Aziz


Noel Gay Television for Channel 4, 29 July to 2 August 1991 (5 episodes in 1 series)


Qd was only a one-off series which ran for five days. The show was live, and each night the contestants were tested on their general knowledge and subjects they were told to research and remember from material given to them the night before. We also remember there was a practical round in some episodes, one day they were asked to learn to play something on a musical instrument, another day held sporting challenges.

At the end of the week the contestant with the highest score got to play for £3000 by answering 15 questions on current affairs and subjects that had come up during the week correctly within three minutes.


Tony Hodgson

Key moments

Key part of the set - huge polystyrene rendition of that day (e.g. TUESDAY) was lowered from a gantry at the start of each show.


"Qd" stands for "quinque diem", or "five days" in Latin. There was a competition for the viewers to guess what it stood for - the answer was revealed on Friday's show.

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The set of Qd.
Bill Cotton (right) presents the prize to the winner.


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