Richard Osman (2018)

Alan Carr (2019)


Scarlett Moffatt (2018)

Angellica Bell (2019)


Mitre Television / Hungry Bear Media for ITV, 28 December 2018 and 30 December 2019


Television's nicest (and tallest) host invites celebrity guests to test their knowledge of the year's events.

Ten ITV celebrities on a light entertainment show.

For the first round, our teams build their own headline from options of beginning, middle, and end. Then one player gave clues to famous people and ideas, but with some words taboo, like in the party game. The final was a chess-clock contest of quick questions about the news.

Describe this man without using those words.

Our winners faced rapid-fire questions for 90 seconds, with less time to answer each question. We'd not seen that mechanism before, time's represented by a block falling onto an increasing pile of cash, and we'd not seen a block-based endgame since Cleverdicks. Might be one to bring back on a quiz for the general public.

Answer the question before it hits the pile of cash: as the money builds up, the time runs down.

Scarlett Moffatt played the role of know-it-all sidekick, the Richard Osman to Richard Osman's Alexander Armstrong.

Yer what?!

OK, let's take that again. Scarlett Moffatt added some extra facts and explanation, like Richard does on Pointless.

The show wasn't a tough quiz about minutiae of the news, it was a very light entertainment for that awkward 'Twixtmas period. Think The Big Fat Quiz of the Year with more parlour games, and fewer rude jokes.

Key moments

"If you're playing along at home, and you are worried it's going to be too hard... Listen, one of our contestants is Chris Kamara."


The available eight.

2018: Chris Kamara and Chris Ramsey, Brooke Vincent and Antony Cotton (from Coronation Street), Wes Nelson and Megan Barton Hanson (from Love Island), Emily Atack and James McVey (from I'm a Celebrity…).
2019: Kate Garraway and Jacqueline Jossa (from I'm a Celebrity…), Jade Thirlwall and Michelle Visage (from RuPaul's Drag Race), Curtis and AJ Pritchard (dancers)


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