Scott Mills


Team captains: Aled and Rachel Jones

Voiceover: Nick Jackson


Dave Vitty Management for Challenge, 2004


"Comedy" Dave, Chris Moyles' "comedy" sidekick, came up with an idea for a show on his Radio 1 show and Challenge TV gave them literally hundreds of pounds to develop a seven minute pilot (in the same studio they filmed Totally Top Trumps in).

Two teams, consisting of another member of the Chris Moyles radio Show and a member of the public try to guess words of increasing lengths on the buzzer revealed one letter at a time backwards. Correct buzzes earnt one point per unrevealed letter, wrong guesses threw it over to the other team.

The winners won some bacon bought on by "Comedy" Dave, and possibly something else we've forgotten.


"Comedy" Dave. Or should it be "Comedy Dave"? or just Comedy Dave? We just don't know.


"It's the game that's backwards!"

And there's a sort of Catch-action circling your upper arms in an anti-clockwise direction.


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