School of Saatchi



Voiceover: Hugh Bonneville


Judges: Kate Bush, Frank Cohen, Matthew Collings, Tracey Emin

Head judge (off-screen): Charles Saatchi


Princess Productions / Rare Day for BBC Two, 23 November to 14 December 2009 (4 episodes in 1 series)


Reclusive art collector Charles Saatchi seeks the next big thing in modern British art through a week-by-week elimination contest. Being so reclusive, he doesn't actually appear on screen himself but issues instructions and judgements through his assistant judges.

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Eugenie Scrase


Originally announced as Saatchi's Best of British, and eventually aired as part of a BBC season on "Modern Beauty".

We know what you're thinking: Kate Bush as a judge? No, it isn't the singer (whose presence would made a strange kind of sense, actually - if only she wasn't almost as reclusive as Saatchi himself) but the art curator who at the time was Head of Galleries at the Barbican Centre.

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