Second Guess



Andrew O'Connor


Action Time for The Family Channel, 1993-4


No, we're not going to tell you, you've got to read our minds!

Not really. The shows main quirk is that when you buzz in, your partner/team mate answers the question for you. Well, it had never been done before! Other rounds included the inevitable "When we asked him/her something, what did he/she say?" and then they would join the team for more rounds of buzzing in "oh-hang-on-you-should-know-this-oh-dear-you-quite-clearly-don't" type hilarity.

File:Second guess oconnor.jpgAndrew O'Connor on set

The end game was a version of Chinese Whispers. Andrew would tell a fifty-word story to one of the players, of which five words were "hot" (although which particular ones were unknown to the players). That player would phone someone else up in another room of the fictional "house" set then repeat the story as best they could. This carries on until the fourth player was phoned, and they'd repeat the story to Andrew. For each of the five 'hot' words they use they would win £50 unless they got all five in which case they won £500..


Created by Stephen Leahy and Andrew O'Connor.


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