Seren am Swper


Llinos Lee


Boomerang for S4C, 5 May 2010 to 2012


Two families each cook a meal for a Welsh celebrity, who then picks their favourite. Each family gets to choose one of three mystery bags, containing a selection of ingredients and a theme for their meal.

Selecting a bag. They're not too fussy about keeping the TV equipment out of shot - not only is a camera visible at the right, that's also the tip of a boom mike you can see at the top of the frame.

The host then accompanies the children to a local independent grocer and/or butcher to buy additional ingredients. Back at home, they get cooking, then the guest judge turns up and everyone tucks in. Repeat with the other family, then everyone meets up and the celebrity judge announces the winning family, who get the Golden Sauce Bottle trophy, while the losing family get the washing-up gloves.

The Golden Sauce Bottle - almost as coveted as the Pointless trophy

Shown as part of S4C's "Stwnsh" children's strand.


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