Sex Bomb


Jayne Sharp


Trouble, 2002


Hilarious (albeit for entirely the wrong reasons and only for the first few times you watch it, obviously) nightclub based show where "the more you score... the more you score!"

Two guys who think they're really it are challenged to "pull" as many "birds" as possible. Varying amounts of points are given on results ranging from small points for buying a girl a drink to big points for getting a phone number or a snog.

Image:Sexbomb_jaynewithbloke.jpg Go on, lend us a fiver till the end of the month.

There's a catch though, three of the women at the club are the show's resident "Sex Bombs" whose aim is to get the boys to chat them up whilst being difficult to them. What earnt them points before is now costing the same amount of points. It's like Sexual Gladiators!

Meanwhile Jayne Sharp (always a sign of a quality game show) commentates from the back room and speaks to some of the girls who have been pulled and dumped that evening with hilarious consequences.


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