Show Boaters



Dominic Wood


Judges: Nikki Alexander (choreographer), Roger Troman (vocal coach), Mollie Daley (creative director)


Fresh One Productions for Sky 1, 13 September to 6 November 2011 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Billed as a part-docusoap, part-talent contest, the programme sees ten wannabe cruise ship entertainers travel to the Caribbean to join the crew on a real cruise ship. Once on board, each week the group must split into two teams to create, rehearse and perform a show routine to the cruise ships passengers. The passengers then vote for their favourite team, with the losing team facing the judges. After some deliberation, two members of the losing team are eliminated from the competition. If that wasn't enough pressure, the group is also expected to help out with general ships duties, everything from serving in the kitchens, to cleaning the cabins. The last person standing at the end wins a permanent contract to be a cruise ship entertainer.


Ashanti Kemp


The programme was moved from its initial Tuesday 8pm berth, to a Sunday 4pm slot mid-way through its run.

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