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Drummer TV for BSL Zone, 28 March 2022 to present


The UK's second British Sign Language quiz, following See Hear on Saturday Quiz. The obvious difference is that the previous show was essentially a general knowledge quiz which just happened to be conducted in BSL, whereas Sign2Win is to a large extent actually about British Sign Language and uses its physical nature as a key part of the games.

A hand shape to be used in as many different signs as you can come up with

Those games include a version of the Pyramid Game/Password challenge of conveying a word or phrase without actually using or spelling it, providing signs which incorporate a particular hand shape, and translating finger-spelt words to their recognised signs.

They could have done the score reveals in a wide shot, but the vision mixer just really likes this split-screen effect

Each episode gives £1000 to the winners, which on a show like this must be a substantial chunk of the overall budget.

Key moments

Any time anyone accidentally says anything; most of the show uses only incidental music. Just don't bother recording sound and everybody's happy.

Signs: "Painter, ear off..."

The contestant who described Vincent van Gogh by throwing their hearing aid at the floor.


Commissioned for BSL Zone, a halfhearted joint seeing-out of Film4 and Together TV's PSB requirements, and aired the last Monday of each month at 8am on Film4 and 7pm and 10pm on Together TV. EPGs set for Film4 also recorded the rest of BSL Zone's ware, and regularly picked up the following two and a half hours of teleshopping the channel's schedulers hadn't bothered to extricate from the programmes. Mind you, from episode four onwards, EPGs who tried to record the show on Together TV on Freeview recorded nothing, due to that channel becoming a simulcast on account of Freeview closing down its multiplex. Whatever that means. [Basically, it means it's internet-only - Ed.] Episode eight did not air on Film4, as they preferred to repeat "This Is Deaf: Black History Month 2022" from two weeks earlier.

The first series was recorded under COVID restrictions, placing screens between the three teams, and putting a vast expanse of empty space between them and the host. The second series dropped the screens and allowed Fifi to occasionally join the teams in the same postcode.


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