Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week



Freddie Flintoff (2015)

Reggie Yates (2017)


BBC Two, 30 August 2015 to 5 March 2017 (12 episodes in 2 series)


Twenty-nine (it was meant to be thirty but one pulled out before filming) civilians compete over six gruelling two-day tests each hosted by a different member of a worldwide special force replicating their own entry tests, eliminating people who don't make the grade physically or psychologically until a bloke from the SAS picked a winner from the last people standing. Meanwhile Freddie Flintoff stands off to one side going "ooh, that looks hard."

With no breaks in between episodes more of an Ultimate Hell Fortnight really, which just makes it even more impressive.

In order, our recruits had to impress representatives of the US Navy Seals, Israeli Yamam, Philippines Navsog, Australian SAS, Russian Spetznaz and the British SAS.

Series two locates the process to South Africa and installs Reggie Yates as host, the recruits face tests and representatives from the South African Recces, Polish Groms, Australian SASRs, Korean Navy Underwater Demolition Team, French GIGN and US Green Berets.


2015 Claire Miller
2017 TBC

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