Stars in Fast Cars


Richard Hammond and James May (Pilot)

Dougie Anderson


BBC Two/One 10 July 2004 (Pilot: as part of Sport Relief)

BBC Three, 25 September 2005 to 8 February 2006 (Series: 10 episodes in 1 series)


Various celebrities compete at motoring challenges, including recreating movie stunts and racing modified armchairs.

Image:Starsinfastcars_chairs.jpgOur gran would love one of these.

This made for some great moments, including Car Skittles, a stunt where the celebs had to drive on to the back of a moving lorry, before letting them all drive a Ferrari - with a bathtub of water attached to the back which they weren't allowed to spill. They could be asked to race anything, from the aforementioned armchairs to Formula 1 cars. The winner got to throw the car of their choice at either a coconut shy or a giant target.

Image:Starsinfastcars_anderson.jpgHost, Dougie Anderson

Dougie Anderson's hosting is a little unrestrained, but overall, the show just about avoids being classified as car-crash television.

Originally based on a one-off show made by BBC2's Top Gear team for Sport Relief 2004.


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