Strip Masterbrain



"Reggie Reggison" (real name: Reg Beecham)


L!ve TV, 1998?-9


L!ve TV was a channel well known for revelling in the low-brow and schoolboyishy amusing and two shows put it on the map. The first was News Bunny (it's the news whilst a man in a rabbit costume emotes in the background). The second was the seminal Topless Darts which gets its own entry.

This show was fairly popular as well. In it, some girls pretend to answer really simple questions incorrectly in the style of Mastermind and as a punishment have to take clothes off for each wrong answer.

Just before the wig came off

And that's it.


Simon Laidlaw. He writes: "All 46 episodes were written and produced by me under the watchful eye of Live TV boss, Mark Murphy. Writing duties were also taken on by Assistant Producer, Elliot Kidner. These shows are easy to spot as most of the questions revolved around his beloved Bristol City Football team. My favorite round was "Questions to which the answer is always 'C'". And Magnus Magnusson went to school with my Dad!"


Being a clean and family-friendly site, we decided against using an alternative image which would have been captioned At the end of that round, you have six points and one arse.


File:Stripmasterbrain set.jpgStrip Masterbrain comes to you this week from the magnificent 16th-century banqueting hall of Caius College, Cambridge. In the dark. Would we lie to you?
File:Stripmasterbrain reggie.jpgReggie Reggison. Definitely not a parody of any other quizmaster.
File:Stripmasterbrain contestant.jpgThis is getting close to a record score.


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