TV Guide 2018-08-25

Just the one new series this week, The Great Breadxit Burn-off spreads more money-shaped fug across Channel 4 (Tue and Fri). Or, if you prefer, The Great British Bake Off shares Paul Hollywood's wisdom with the world (C4, Tue and An Extra Slice Fri).

Elsewhere, Celebrity Eggheads continues (BBC2, weekdays), Hannah Fry has a documentary about The Joy of Winning (BBC4, Tue), and Celebrity Big Brother continues (C5 and 3e, all week).

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Saturday 25 August

  • Paradise Run (Nickelodeon, 11am) Stars of Game Shakers.
  • Tipping Point Day (W, 11am) To 7pm.
  • Ben 10 Challenge (CITV, 1pm) Shown on Cartoon Network last year.
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 1.15).
  • The Chase (ITV, 4pm).
  • Fferm Ffactor Brwydr y Ffermwyr (S4C, 5pm), Celwydd Noeth (S4C, 6pm; two episodes) Classic games.


  • Fort Boyard (TV5, 5.36) Capucine Anav, Thomas Joubert, Laurent Kérusoré, Géraldine Lapalus, Laurent Ournac, Christian Quesada.
  • Who Dares Wins (Challenge, 6pm) Repeats from 2007.
  • !mpossible Celebrities (BBC1, 7.15) Now with added Dick and Dom.
  • Big Star's Little Star (ITV, 7pm) James Cracknell, Karen Blick, Vernie Bennett.
  • Pointless Celebrities (BBC1, 8.05) TV winners.
  • QI XL (BBC2, 9pm; Wales, NI 9.45) Noble rot.
  • Win Your Wish List (C5, 9pm) Reed family from Port Talbot.
  • Celebrity Big Brother (C5 and 3e, 10pm).

Weekend repeats

Shows seen earlier in the week


  • Great Local Menu (BBC2, 12.30) Two episodes.
  • Counterpoint (Radio 4, 11pm) From Monday.


  • Great Local Menu (BBC2, 11.30am) Three episodes.
  • Just a Minute (Radio 4, 12.04) From Monday.
  • Big Star's Little Star (ITV, 1.15) From last night.

Sunday 26 August

  • Four Weddings Morning (UK Living 2, 6am) Five episodes, to 11am.
  • Top Class (CBBC, 9.30am) Nelson from London play Queens from Cheshire.
  • Cannonball! (ITV, 9.55).
  • Ninja Warrior (ITV, 10.55).
  • Paradise Run (Nickelodeon, 11am) Superfans.
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12 noon).
  • Catchphrase (ITV, 2.15).
  • Tenable (ITV, 3pm).
  • Tipping Point Lucky Stars (ITV, 4pm) Jo Brand.
  • The Chase (ITV, 5pm).


  • The Chase The Bloopers (ITV, 7pm; UTV 10.45 Tue).
  • Dragons' Den (BBC2, 8pm) Carp bait.
  • Celebrity Big Brother (C5 and 3e, 9pm).

Weekday Daytimes

  • Village of the Year (C4, 5am-ish).
  • Tout Le Monde Veut Prendre Sa Place (TV5, 10.45am).
  • Paradise Run (Nickelodeon, 11am and 4pm).
  • Come Dine with Me (C4, 12.05).
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15; Mo 12 noon).
  • Countdown (C4, 2.10) Mo: Raj Bisram. Tu-Fr: Anne Hegerty. New episodes.
  • Dickinson's Real Deal (ITV, 3pm) New episodes.
  • Questions Pour un Champion (TV5, 3.30).
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 4pm).
  • The Chase With Celebrities (ITV, 5pm) A week of classic episodes.
  • Come Dine with Me (C4, 5pm) New episodes from Gloucestershire.
  • !mpossible (BBC1, 5.15; Mo 5pm, also BBC2, 7.15am next day) New episodes.
  • Celebrity Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm) See daily listings for details.
  • My Kitchen Rules Down Under (UK Living, 6.45; Tu 6.30).
  • Masterchef Down Under (W, 7pm from We)
  • Great Local Menu (BBC2, 7.30; not Fr) Scotland! And two episodes on Wednesday.
  • Love Island Down Under (ITVBe, 11pm-ish).

Monday 27 August

Bank holiday (not Scotland)

  • The Great Charity Bake Off Day (Home, from 7am) Episodes of Comic Relief and Sport Relief Bake Offs to 2am.
  • Bruce Forsyth Memorial Day (Challenge, from 8am) Lots of The Price is Right and Play Your Cards Right, to 6pm.
  • Wordaholics (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm) From 2013.
  • Counterpoint (R4, 3pm).
  • Celebrity Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm) Actors from Still Game.
  • Just a Minute (R4, 6.30) Paul Merton, Fred Macaulay, Mark Watson, Jo Caulfield from the Edinburgh fringe.
  • Would I Lie to You? (BBC1, 8pm; not Scotland).
  • University Challenge (BBC2, 8.30) Strathclyde and Durham.
  • Celebrity Big Brother (C5 and 3e, 9pm) Bit on the Side follows at 11.05.
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 10.35) Repeated from Friday.

Tuesday 28 August

  • Celebrity Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm) Journalists and people from The One Show.
  • The Grate Breadxit Burn-off (C4, 8pm) This week, Paul's cookie is as thin and delicate as a snowflake.
  • The Joy of Winning (BBC4, 9pm) Hannah Fry guides us through game theory. Not a game show in the usual sense, but might remind us of Shafted. Hope it doesn't.
  • Celebrity Big Brother (C5 and 3e, 9.15) Who leaves? Bit on the Side follows at 10.45.
  • Call Yourself a Fan (BT Sport 2, 10pm) Chelsea play West Ham. Delayed if Dynamo Kyiv v Ajax goes to extra sponges or mops from the penalty mark.

Wednesday 29 August

  • Who Goes There? (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm) From 1998.
  • Celebrity Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm) Science: Spencer Kelly, Dr Helen Lawal, Dallas Campbell, Ajay Tegala, Rory Cellan-Jones.
  • Great Local Menu (BBC2, 8pm) Extra episode klaxon!
  • Celebrity Big Brother (C5 and 3e, 9pm) Bit on the Side follows at 11.05.
  • Lip Sync Battle (Comedy Central, 10pm) Joey Essex and Louis Spence.
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1, 10.45; NI 11.10, Wales 11.40) Matt Le Tissier, Joanna Rowsell-Shand, James Taylor, Perri Shakes-Drayton.
  • Rupaul's Drag Race (Comedy Central, 11pm). Kardashian The Musical.

Thursday 30 August

  • The Write Stuff (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm) From 2006.
  • Celebrity Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm) Sports stars: Katharine Merry, Derek Redmond, Ryan Sidebottom, Paul Robinson, Peter Shilton.
  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, 8pm) John Partridge, Spencer Matthews, Frankie Bridge, Jean Johansson, Anita Harris.
  • Celebrity Big Brother (C5 and 3e, 9pm) Bit on the Side follows at 11.05.
  • Fear Factor (MTV, 10pm) Snakes alive; a Jackass tie-in.

Friday 31 August

  • Jest a Minute (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm) From 2008.
  • Stop the Press (Radio Scotland, 1.30).
  • Celebrity Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm) Arts: Simon Greenall, Toyah Wilcox, Nick Higham, Yolanda Brown, Katie Derham.
  • The News Quiz (Radio 4, 6.30).
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1, 7.30; not Wales).
  • Burn Out Even More Sic (C4, 8pm) Jo Brand is kept here, where no-one watches, and can't make up words on more popular shows like Countdown. Speaking of more popular shows, French Collection is repeated at 3.25am.
  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, 8.30).
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 9pm) Sean Lock and Roisin Conaty play Alan Carr and Joe Lycett. Spencer Jones is in the corner.
  • Celebrity Big Brother (C5 and 3e, 9pm) Begone. Bit on the Side follows at 10.35.
  • Mock the Week (BBC2, 10pm) A recent repeat.
  • Room 101 (BBC1, 10.35; Wales, 11.05).

Sign language interpretation

  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 3.20pm Sat, 3.25pm Sun).
  • Eternal Glory (ITV, 3am Sun; STV, 2.40am Wed).
  • Who's Doing the Dishes (ITV, 3am Sat; STV 2.10am Mon).
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