TV Guide 2019-01-26

Missing Tenable (ITV)? That's back for your afternoon fun. Shipwrecked (E4) arrives each weeknight. Anne Hegerty fronts a new run of Brightest Family (ITV, Wed). And Countdown ends a remarkable month with its 7000th regular episode (C4, Wed).

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Saturday 26 January

  • The Dog Ate My Homework (BBC2, 8.45) Repeats from CBBC.
  • Strongman Champions' League (Spike, 9.25).
  • Fighting Talk (Radio 5, 11am).
  • Double Dare (Nickelodeon, 11am) Rico and Raini.
  • Four in a Bed (C4, 11.55) Five episodes.
  • Bargain hunt (BBC1, 2.30).
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 4pm).


  • The Chase Celebrity Special (ITV, 6pm) Another chance to see Toyah Willcox and co.
  • Stephen Mulhern's Celebrity Catchphrase (ITV, 7pm) Adrian Edmondson, Jason Manford, Jenny Powell.
  • The Greatest Dancer (BBC1, 7.30).
  • BBC The Voice of This Territory (ITV and VM1, 8pm).
  • Destination Eurovision (, 8.02) The grand final.
  • Wie is de Mol? (, 8.10) Spin-off MolTalk follows afterwards.
  • Winning Streak (RTE1, 8.20).
  • Through the Keyhole (ITV, 9.35) Rob Beckett, Alfie Boe, Lucy Fallon.

Weekend repeats


  • The News Quiz (Radio 4, 12.30) From Friday.
  • Round "Britain" Quiz (R4, 11pm) From Monday.


  • The Unbelievable Truth (Radio 4, 12.04) Repeat from Monday.
  • BBC The Voice of This Territory (ITV, 12.50) Repeat from last night.
  • Y Ras (S4C, 3.15) Repeat from Wednesday.
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 10pm) Repeat from Friday.
  • Insert Name Here (BBC2, 12 midnight; not NI) Repeat from Wednesday.

Sunday 27 January

  • Spy School (CITV and ITV Breakfast Broadcasting, 8.30) Stark Raven Mad. Goldfist has been captured and locked up in the Tower. His guard talks slowly and deliberately.
  • Double Dare (Nickelodeon, 11am) Odd Couple and Gruesome Twosome.
  • The Chase (ITV, 5pm).


  • Dancing on Ice (ITV and VM1, 6pm).
  • Dancing With the Stars (RTE1, 6.30).
  • Y Talwrn (R Cymru, 7.05).
  • Dragons' Den (BBC2, 8pm) Taxi bike.

Weekday Daytimes

  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15).
  • Countdown (C4, 2.10) Suzannah Lipscomb (Mo-Tu), Jay Rayner (We-Fr).
  • Tenable (ITV, 3pm; repeated 12.10am in England and on UTV) New episodes start here.
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 4pm).
  • The £100k Drop (C4, 4pm; rpt 4Seven 7pm).
  • The Chase (ITV, 5pm).
  • Couples Come Dine with Me (C4, 5pm).
  • Pointless (BBC1, 5.15).
  • Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm).
  • Buyer's Bootcamp (ITVBe, 6pm) An imported show, where Scott McGillvray helps two teams work on their houses.
  • Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC2, 7pm; not Fr).
  • Masterchef Yankee (W, 7pm).
  • Celebrity Coach Trip (E4, 7.30).

Monday 28 January

  • Just a Minute (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Round "Britain" Quiz (R4, 3pm) Midlands and North.
  • The Unbelievable Truth (Radio 4, 6.30) Henning Wehn, Lou Sanders, Zoe Lyons, Lloyd Langford.
  • Only Connect (BBC2, 8pm) Brews and Dicers.
  • University Challenge (BBC2, 8.30) Group phase match 1.
  • Shipwrecked (E4, 9pm) Can everyone on the island be trusted?
  • Imagine... (BBC1, 10.45; Wales, NI 11.10) A profile of Jo Brand.
  • The News Quiz Extra (Radio 4 Extra, 11pm).

Tuesday 29 January

  • Un Cwestiwn (S4C, 5.40).
  • Hell's Kitchen (ITV2, 9pm) Last chef standing.
  • Shipwrecked (E4, 9pm) Culinary delights.
  • Mock the Week (BBC2, 10pm; NI 11.45 Wed, not Wales) A repeat.
  • Oci Oci Oci (S4C, 11pm).

Wednesday 30 January

  • Hunted (C4, 12.30am) Repeat from Thursday.
  • The 99p Challenge (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Countdown (C4, 2.10) Episode 7000 of the humble letters and numbers game.
  • Brightest Family (ITV, 8pm) Clements from Buckinghamshire take on the Lees from Liverpool in the first of a new series.
  • Celebrity Dinner Date (ITVBe, 8pm) Bobby Norris.
  • Hell's Kitchen (ITV2, 9pm) Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch crossover episode.
  • Shipwrecked (E4, 9pm) Blatant attempts to force a defection.
  • What Camilla Did Next (ITVBe, 9pm) Camilla Thurlow uses some Love Island fame to do good work in Cambodia.
  • Insert Name Here (BBC2, 10pm) "Liz", with Kerry Godliman, Kate Williams, Gabby Logan, Tom Davis.

Thursday 31 January

  • The Write Stuff (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Would I Lie to You The Best Bits (BBC1, 8pm; not Wales).
  • Hunted (C4, 9pm) Off grid in the Lake District.
  • Shipwrecked (E4, 9pm) So, go on, wie is de mol?
  • A League of Their Own European Road Trip (The Satellite Channel, 9pm) Penalties and pasta.

Friday 1 February

  • Foul Play (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Pigo dy Drwyn (S4C, 5.05).
  • The News Quiz (Radio 4, 6.30) Andy Hamilton, Felicity Ward, Ayesha Hazarika, Kerry Godliman.
  • Mastermind (BBC2, 7.30) Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Hockney, Tony Benn, John Buchan.
  • Can't Stop Dancing (RTE1, 8.30) Preview of this Sunday's Dancing With the Stars.
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 9pm) Sean Lock, David Mitchell, Jon Richardson, Sara Pascoe. With anecdotes from Ellie White and Natasia Demetriou.
  • Shipwrecked (E4, 9pm) The islanders cut the ribbon and declare the war open.
  • QI (BBC2, 10pm) Phenomenal, with Josh Widdicombe, Cariad Lloyd, Paul Sinha.
  • Through the Keyhole (ITV, 10.45; UTV, 11.10) Repeat from Saturday.

Sign language interpretation

  • Masterchef The Professionals (BBC2, 8am Tu, Th).
  • Amazing Greys (ITV, 3am Mon; STV, 12.35am We).
  • Great Local Menu (BBC2, 8.30 We).
  • Celebrity Squares (ITV, 3am Sa; STV 12.05am Tu).
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