TV Guide 2022-04-30

A quiet week for landmark shows. Finals week on Masterchef (BBC1, Tue, Wed, Thu) and The Drop (BBC3, Mon). And, er, that's it.

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Saturday 30 April

  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 10.35am) Seaweed's Scrub Rap.
  • Fighting Talk (Radio 5, 11am).
  • Tipping Point Lucky Stars (ITV, 4pm); The Chase Celebrity Special (ITV, 5pm).
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1 Wales, 5.15) Seen elsewhere on Friday.


  • The Hit List (BBC1, 6.05) A repeat from the aughts.
  • Stephen Mulhern's In for a Penny (ITV, 6.30) This week, Stephen is in one of the Newports - but is it Isle of Wight, Gwent, Shropshire, or another? VM1 has an episode from two weeks ago.
  • Catchpoint (BBC1, 6.50) Faye Tozer and Ian "H from Steps" Watkins from Steps play Chloe Burrows and Toby Amomolaran from Love Island.
  • Romeo & Duet (ITV, 7pm).
  • Celebrity Mastermind (BBC1, 7.20) Charlie Higson (classic Westerns), Adele Roberts (planets), Ed Gamble (30 Rock), Paul Cooper (1966 world cup).
  • Pointless Celebrities (BBC1, 7.50) News: Juliet Mann, Gavin Ramjaun, Nalufar Hedayat, India Willoughby, Michael Buerk, John Sergeant, Andrea Byrne, Chris Rogers.
  • Got Talent (VM1 and ITV, 8pm) Not live from the London Palladium.
  • Home Advantage (RTÉ1, 8.20).
  • Oci Oci Oci! (S4C, 9pm) This week from Llanrwst.
  • The 1% Club (ITV, 9.20).

Weekend repeats


  • Interior Design Masters (BBC2, 9am) From Wednesday.
  • Breaking the News (Radio Scotland, 11.30) From Friday.
  • The News Quiz (Radio 4, 12.27) From Friday.
  • Celebrity Juice (ITV2, 10.20) From Thursday.
  • Round the Islands Quiz (Radio 4, 11pm) From Monday.


  • The Unbelievable Truth (Radio 4, 12.04) From Monday.
  • In for a Penny (ITV, 1pm) From Saturday.
  • The 1% Club (ITV, 5.30) From Saturday.

Sunday 1 May - May Day

  • Don't Unleash the Beast (CITV and ITV Breakfast Broadcasting, 7.55am) New to channel 3.
  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 10.35am) Sandy's Waistcoat of Wonders.
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15).
  • Lego Masters Usa (E4, 3.35) "Puppet Masters".
  • The Chase Celebrity Special (ITV, 5.40) Repeat.


  • BBC Young Dancer 2022 (BBC4, 7pm) The top ten perform.
  • Y Talwrn (R Cymru, 7pm).
  • Tipping Point Lucky Stars (ITV, 7pm) Gaby Roslin, JJ Chalmers, Sean Fletcher.
  • The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge with Sandi Toksvig (More4, 9pm) An Edwardian games room.

Weekday Daytimes

  • Couples Come Dine with Me (C4, 11.30am).
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15; Scot 11.15am Thu).
  • Dickinson's Real Deal (ITV, 2pm; not Mon, UTV not Fr); Tenable (ITV, 3pm; Mon 4pm, UTV not Fr) Repeats.
  • Countdown (C4, 2.10) Jo Brand.
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 4pm; Mon 5pm, UTV 10.45 Fr) New episodes.
  • The Great House Giveaway (C4, 4pm).
  • The Bidding Room (BBC1, 4.30; Mon 5pm; not Fr) New episodes.
  • The Chase (ITV, 5pm; Mon 6.30, UTV 11.45 Fr) New episodes.
  • Pointless (BBC1, 5.15; Mon 5.45, Fr BBC2 in NI) Repeats.
  • House of Games (BBC2, 6pm; Mon 6.30) Gemma Cairney, Tim Key, Gabby Logan, Jeff Stelling. From January 2020
  • Masterchef Usa (W, 6pm).
  • Eggheads (C5, 6.30; Mon 5.30) The Authors, The Blood Bikers, The Discoverers, Thrown Together, South West 18.
  • Masterchef Down Under (BBC3, 7pm).
  • Battlebots (ITV4, 7pm; Mon 6pm) An imported series.

Monday 2 May

Public holiday for most

  • Bake Off Day (Food Network, 8am) Ten classic episodes, to 6pm.
  • Counterpoint (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm) The 2011 series continues.
  • Round the Islands Quiz (Radio 4, 3pm) Scotland against Northern Ireland.
  • The Unbelievable Truth (Radio 4, 6.30) Lou Sanders, Ria Lina, Milton Jones, Chris McCausland.
  • Scotland's Home of the Year (BBC1 Scotland, 8.30) Hebrides and Skye.
  • Stitch, Please! (BBC3, 8.30) Costumes from Clueless.
  • The Drop (BBC3, 9pm) The final.
  • Comedians Giving Lectures (Dave, 10pm) Michael Spicer, Ken Cheng, Alex Brooker.
  • Have I Got a Bit More News for You (BBC1, 11.50; NI 12.55am, Scot 1.15am, not Wales) Extended repeat from Friday.

Tuesday 3 May

  • Un Cwestiwn (S4C, 5.10) Repeat from 2020.
  • Masterchef (BBC1, 8pm) Finals week begins here.
  • The Great Celebrity Bake Off (C4, 8pm) Repeat, with Richard Dreyfuss, Patsy Palmer, James Buckley, Scarlett Moffatt.
  • QI (BBC2, 10pm) Odorous and Odious, repeated.
  • The Great Treasure Hunt (ITV, 11.45; not STV, UTV) Metal detecting from Buckinghamshire.

Wednesday 4 May - Star Wars day

  • The Write Stuff (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Masterchef (BBC1, 8pm) Finals week continues.
  • Glow Up Ireland (BBC3, 8.10) The grand final. First shown on RTÉ2 last year.
  • Sewing Bee (BBC1, 9pm) Sports.
  • Effboy Island (BBC3, 10pm) Two out.
  • The Island (Dave, 10pm) More forgery.
  • Stitch, Please! (BBC1 NI, 10.40) As seen on BBC3.

Thursday 5 May

  • Foul Play (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Masterchef (BBC1, 8pm) The grand final.
  • Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars (BBC1, 9pm) Oyster harvest.
  • Taskmaster (C4, 9pm) "Shoe who".
  • Effboy Island (BBC3, 10pm) Nice guys rule.
  • Celebrity Juice (ITV2, 10pm) Shirley Ballas, Melvin Odoom, Chelcee Grimes, The Vivienne.
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 10.30) A classic episode.

Bonus feature

  • Paul Sinha's Perfect Pub Quiz (Radio 4, 6.30) This week's subject is four letter words.

Friday 6 May

  • Guess What? (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected (Radio Scotland, 1.30).
  • The News Quiz (Radio 4, 6.30) The podcast of this topical show follows on 3 June.
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1, 8pm; NI on BBC2, not Wales) David James, Kate Richardson-Walsh, Danny Care, Siobhan-Marie O'Connor.
  • Richard Hammond's Crazy Contraptions (C4, 8pm) Boil the kettle while sitting on the lav.
  • Have I Got News for You (BBC1, 9pm; NI 12.05am) Richard Ayoade from The Crystal Maze, panellists Phil Cheer and Polly Filler.

Sign language interpretation

  • Winning Combination (ITV, 3am Sat).
  • Cash Trapped (ITV, 5.05am Sat).
  • Am Dro! (S4C, 10am Sat).
  • Gigglequiz (Cbeebies, 2.20 Sat, Sun).
  • Come Dine with Me (C4, 3.10am Sun).
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 5.05am Mon-Fri).
  • Dress to Impress (ITV2, 6.30am Mon-Fri).
  • Taskmaster (C4, 12.10am Tue).
  • Masterchef (BBC2, 1.50am Tue, 1.55am and 8.30am Wed).


What's on the game show specialist channel.


  • The Chase 7am; Wheel of Fortune 9am; Family Fortunes 11.30; All Star Family Fortunes 1.30; Strike it Lucky 3pm; Tenable 4pm; The Chase 5pm; Bullseye 11pm; The Chase 4am.


  • The Chase 7am; Wheel of Fortune 9am; The Price is Right 11.30am; Family Fortunes 12.30; Play Your Cards Right 1.30; Blankety Blank 3pm; The Chase 5pm.


  • The Chase 7am; Play Your Cards Right 10am; The Price is Right 11am; Wheel of Fortune 12 noon; Catchphrase 1pm; Family Fortunes 2pm; Play Your Cards Right 3pm; The Price is Right 4pm; Bullseye 5pm; Pointless 6pm; The Chase 8pm; Who Wants to be a Millionaire 10pm; Bullseye 11pm; The Chase 12 midnight; Bullseye 5am.


It's "love songs" on Deutschland sucht den Superstar (RTL, Sat). Schlag den Star features Marteria, a rapper; and Frederick Lau, a telly host (Pro7 and, Sat). Be very careful, as Der Preis ist heiß returns (RTL, Wed; we know it as The Price is Right). The Voice Kids has a special edition (Sat.1, Fri).

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