Take it Like a Fan


John 'Fenners' Fendley (all series)
Charlotte Jackson (2010)
Bianca Eastwood (2011-2)


Sky Sports 1 & 2, 13 August 2010 to 5 May 2012


It would be possible to sum up this programme in just three words - 'questions about football'. But that wouldn't make for much of a programme synopsis, so here goes.

John Fendley and Charlotte Jackson (later Bianca Eastwood) travel around the country to different Premier League, Football League, and Scottish Premier League grounds on matchday, giving the attending supporters a chance to put their football knowledge to the test. If they can correctly answer a variety of football-related questions (with some questions being rather more tenuously related to the Beautiful Game than others), they can walk away with fistfuls of cash. The rounds vary, but typically include one or more of the following -

Fenners' Tenners - Contestants have 60 seconds to answer as many question as possible, with each question worth £10. A double-or-nothing gamble is also offered at the end.

Home or Away - Questions are asked on each contestant's own team. However double money is on offer for each question about their team's opponents correctly answered.

Possession Game - This round takes place between two contestants. A coin is tossed, with contestant who called it correctly taking control of game, and the money on offer. Each question they correctly answer adds to the money on offer. However if they answer incorrectly, control of the game, and more importantly the money moves to their opponent. Whoever is in control of the game at the end of 60 seconds pockets the money.

Simply the Crest - £10 is on offer for each team's emblem correctly identified within 60 seconds.

In addition to the above, on occasion, two fans are pitted against each other, with the one who guesses closest to a given football-related number, winning the chance to take a penalty kick on the pitch at their team's ground. If they score, they win £500.


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