Taro' Mlaen



Not known

Chris Manley (1998)


HTV Wales (regional), 1976-7

HTV Wales (regional), 8 September to 15 December 1998 (15 episodes in 1 series)


Children's game show in which teams answered general knowledge questions in order to bank time to use in a physical challenge at the end of the show. For example, the time banked is used for two of the children to throw hoops over a pole, and whichever team has the most hoops wins.

HTV Wales revived the format in 1998, in English and under the name Playing For Time. The revival only lasted one series and the ITC said "the programmes lacked pace and the studio atmosphere would have benefited from the presence of a lively young audience".


Margaret Elin Griffiths


The 1998 revival was broadcast on Tuesdays in the old 5.10pm slot, between the end of CITV and ITN's early evening news, and repeated on Saturday lunchtimes at 12.30pm for good measure.


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