That's What You Think!



Gay Byrne


Talbot Television and Bob Stewart Productions for TVS (regional), 3 January to 4 April 1986 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Having worked in Granadaland as his career blossomed, Ireland's king of broadcasters returned to his regional ITV roots for this one-series wonder.

Two couples are posed multiple-choice questions based on a public survey - usually accompanied by vox-pops filmed around the South and South East.

The most popular response is worth 50 points, the second is worth 25 points and the least popular gets zero.

After the break, the couples are asked individual questions - worth either 100 points or nothing.

The losing pair leaves afterwards with a glass decanter and goblet set (made in Farnham, to keep up the regional link) while the winning couple get a breakfast set - again, bought from a local craftmaker or some such.

The final round was essentially a word association game - with the couple asked to pick the three most popular words (from a list of four) linked with a certain keyword. Repeat three times to win a holiday somewhere in Europe.


Gay Byrne pointing his finger.
Did the set go through a time travelling machine?
Contestants say what they think and not what they see.


One of the surviving episodes


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