The All Star Talent Show




Andi Peters and Myleene Klass


Resident judge: Julian Clary


Brighter Pictures for Five, 8 September to 13 October 2006 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Have you ever wondered what celebrities can do, other than what we know them for? Neither have we, but that hasn't stopped this programme. Over five weeks of heats, thirty celebrities appear live on Friday night television. Highlights - or lowlights, we're not sure - included Carol Thatcher tap-dancing, Peter Duncan on the drums, and Roy Walker singing.

In each show, six celebs do their turn, and the audience appeal is measured by the traditional clapometer. Viewers at home are invited to call in and register their preference (at premium rates, natch), and the most popular performer of the night has to come back and do it all again in the grand final. The rest can go home and await the day ten years hence when someone brings out these clips to embarrass them.

Hosts Andi Peters and Myleene Klass try to keep Julian Clary and two guest judges in something approaching order. The celebrities were assisted by Simon Bass of It's Now or Never and Vanessa Leagh Hicks of Strictly Dance Fever

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