The Code



Matt Allwright


Lesley-Anne Brewis ("Expert")


Gogglebox Entertainment for BBC One, 18 April to 20 May 2016 (25 episodes in 1 series)

Primal Media for BBC One, 20 March to 21 April 2017 (25 episodes in 1 series)


Teams see three answers. Behind each answer is a question.

Only one of the questions leads to the answer.

Spot the right question-and-answer, and the reward is to try a digit. Find all three digits to open the safe and win the prize.

Open a safe and win the money inside it.

Two things make the job more difficult. As the game progresses, the questions get harder. And as the team gets digits in the code, they're allowed to see fewer answers.

Looking for two digits? See two questions, reject one they think is wrong before seeing the last question. Not so much more difficult.

Looking for one digit? See one question, and decide whether it's right or wrong before moving on. That's very difficult.

The show is simple to understand, and difficult to win. Matt Allwright keeps the programme moving, there's always a gentle push to come to a conclusion. Television newcomer Lesley-Anne Brewis is the resident "Expert", explaining all the answers and cheering on the players.

Lesley-Anne Brewis, the show's Expert.

Teams are of varying sizes - the show is open to solo players, though they were rare. Duos and trios are more common. Games roll from one programme to the next, so we can't judge an outcome just by looking at the clock.


Based on a format by Mark van Berkel

Theme music

Nick Foster wrote a score.


Both series were filmed at Dock10, MediaCityUK in Salford and aired at 2.15pm with the exception of three episodes shown on public holidays - 2 May 2016 (S1E11) at 1.30, 14 and 17 April 2017 (S2E20 and S2E21) at 1.55pm.

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Tom Flynn uses maths to work out best tactics in each round and when it's good to not guess a digit.

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