The Great Big British Quiz






Play To Win TV for various, 20 June 2005 - 3 May 2007 (also NTL from 2006)


Yawn. When Quiz TV started, we thought it would just be a one-off oddity, an interesting footnote in the history of British quizzing culture. Little did we suspect that it would be just the first of a million (well, half a dozen, at least) quiz "channels", all asking tedious questions in an effort to entice you the viewer to phone a premium-rate number. So anyway, here's another one.

The company behind the GBBQ (which later lost the 'British' from it's title), Play To Win TV tried to distance itself from the TV phone-in scandal by introducing a 'Fair Play' code in April 2007. They did not succeed. Within a few weeks, Barney Battles, the CEO of Play To Win TV resigned. Three days later, they made what turned out to be their final broadcast. The next day, the company went into liquidation.


One of the presenters was Millie Clode, later Tarrant's sidekick on The Colour of Money.


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