The Haunted Dungeon



Shauna Lowry


Border for ITV, 2 April to 27 August 1989 (as part of Ghost Train on Sunday)


A game segment in the ITV kids' show Ghost Train On Sunday. From an upper level, the host would open up a hatch allow two contestants entry into a chute. The kids would slide down this dark chute, and being awfully dark and scary, the journey down would normally be accompanied with a pre-recorded(?) piercing scream. At the bottom, they would land in a chamber - the dungeon. There, they would be greeted by a talking caterpillar puppet who was presumably operated through a hole in the wall. Under the caterpillar's instructions, they would have to complete a certain task, which was different each week. If they failed, usually by running out of time, they would be directed to stand below a certain spot, where slime would be dropped onto them. The punishment wasn't severely heavy, but the colour contrasts of the slime with their T-shirts were enough to make it look rather bad... to the younger viewers, anyway. We can't quite remember what the prizes were, had the challenge have been completed.

See also

Skull, the game show segment from sister programme Ghost Train.


image:gtos.jpgA very young and frizzy Shauna Lowry.


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