The Jules and Lulu Show



Julian Bennett


Lulu the dog


Making Time for ITV1, 27 September 2004 to 2005


Two young couples allow camp bloke Jules (and his miniature dachshund, Lulu) to look around their homes and pick out about seven items from each house that, in his opinion, display poor style. Then they pop out to a local park where a pink refuse collection lorry is waiting to crush their junk. The couples take it in turns to throw an item into the crusher. Jules has secretly selected the three worst items from each couple's pile, and the first couple to dispose of their three items win some nice stuff for their home. The other team take home the consolation prize of a distinctly plastic-looking golden dog bowl and bone. That's it. The show went out about midnight on ITV, though to be honest it could probably slip into the BBC's morning schedule and no-one would bat an eyelid. Pretty inconsequential stuff either way.

Theme music

Blair Booth


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