The Rap Game UK



DJ Target, Krept and Konan


Naked for BBC II!, 23 August 2019 to present

(2019-21 as a webcast with additional broadcasts on BBC One, more details in Trivia below)


The BBC press office said:

Rap legends DJ Target, Krept & Konan are putting seven unsigned MCs head to head in a battle to become the first ever signing to Krept & Konan's record label.
Over six episodes the trio will be testing the artists in areas of the rap industry as they suss out who has got what it takes to get their name on the contract.
Each week the artists are set two tests in which they will be asked to step up and show who has the hardest bars, the song-writing props, or the stage presence to cut it in the rap world. The artists will be living under the same roof as they compete to change their lives.

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2019 Kiico
2020 Graft
2021 Saidu
2022 Big Jest
2023 LR Loose


Based on The Rap Game, which had had five series on the Lifetime channel in the US before we got our own version.


For the first three series, BBC Three shows premiered online, with a terrestrial repeat shortly afterwards on BBC One; the first series on Saturday nights at around midnight, after Match of the Day, and series two and three after the ten o'clock news. BBC Three rose from the dead in time for series four, which aired on that channel on Thursdays at 9pm with several repeats throughout the week; that's with the exception of episode five, which was delayed by four days as BBC Three was not on air on its intended Thursday due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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