The Sitcom Trials



Kev F Sutherland


Carlton for ITV1 (HTV) West, 13 February - 11 April 2003 (8 episodes)


Late-night localised TV version of stage contest for new comic talent (and maybe, the odd slightly familiar face - e.g. Richard Vranch of the Comedy Store Players).

The first parts of two lengthy sketches were performed live to a small studio audience in Bristol each week. A phone vote was held to decide the winning sketch, which would then be performed right through to the end.

The then-looming cutbacks at ITV West appeared to hasten the show's early departure.


Kev F Sutherland


The last episode featured sketches written by viewers.

Another involved an almost-obligatory appearance by HTV's own Television Workshop.

Also involved an online 'Pitchfest' competition each week - the viewer with the best sitcom idea won a T-shirt.


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