The Yes/No Gameshow



Barry Castagnola


Bravo, September to ? 2003


Bravo show in the Banzai stylee. Using magic blue screen technology two floating heads (usually owned by students) duel it out by predicting the results of stunts. These are usually over quickly and thanks to special catch-up and doubling rounds it usually all rests on the final stunt. Do it again with two other people.

The winners face off in a semi final. The host fires off questions which have yes or no answers. Correct answers keep control, wrong answers hand it over. Whoever is in control when the time runs out is the winner.

The prize round is like a game of chicken. Prizes are offered and the player can take it or pass it in the knowledge that there are only a finite amount of prizes going to be offered and holding out for something better might result in ending up with nothing.

Some fancy visual effects (spinning heads mainly) and for one reason or another the show employs a pinball motif throughout the show.

Exclusive shot of the pinball table. How did we get it? Don't ask, don't tell.


Mast Media and The Talent Shed


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