Time Busters



Series 1-2: "Professor McNulty" (Michael Troughton)

Series 3: "Buster" (Nicholas Collett)


Series 1: "Tee-Jay" (Tracy-Jane White)

Series 2: "Buster" (Nicholas Collett)


Broadsword for BBC2, 17 January 1993 to 22 January 1995 (37 episodes in 3 series)


Broadsword did Knightmare. Broadsword did this, so it's got to be good hasn't it? Er, it was alright I suppose but quite a step down.

Anyone for time-travelling buses? Two teams travelled through time to find this tube thing. To do so they had to interact with the characters where they were. As we seem to remember, at no point did any of the characters ask why the teams were wearing odd costumes or hi-tech equipment, but never mind.

They would also have to solve puzzles and clues, run a bit and escape the obligatory evil time-travelling also-searching-for-the-same-thing bad guy. There was also a time limit before Buster the Bus became unstable and had to travel back.

The show used loads of actors from Knightmare (Sam Perkins, Mark Knight, Michael Cule etc.) but no way was this show as good or as enchanting.

Theme music

Brave/Steady State


Keeping time travelling in the genes, Michael Troughton is the son of Dr Who #2 Patrick Troughton.

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