Tiny and Mr Duk's Huge Show



Tiny, a hummungified hamster, and Mr Duk, his agent

(Dave Chapman and Damien Farrell)


Team captains: Joe Pasquale and Kirsten O'Brien


CBBC, 3 April to 5 June 2004 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Tiny is a very big hamster. Mr Duk is a duck who's quite big, for a duck, but not as big for a duck as Tiny is for a hamster. And together they host a very silly panel game with rounds such as these that are following herewith:

  • The Quickfire Round: the celeb guests answer silly questions while having things fired at them. Quickly.
  • Name That Cabbage: the celebs answer silly questions, without having things fired at them in any fashion.
  • How High Can A Thing Go?: Celebs predict where Tiny will land when hurled at a target. Against his will, naturally.

All this interspersed with dream sequences, a comical scorekeeper (batty cleaning lady Nora the Scorer) and a ridiculous fake prize for the winners. In other words, it's Shooting Stars. For kids. With puppets. And thus, great.


"Where is the dog biscuit?"


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