Treasure Hunt (1)



Kenneth Horne

Keith Fordyce

David Rodgers


Jethro (as a pirate)


Westward Television (regional) 28 November 1961 to 29 May 1979


Contestants had the opportunity to win the Golden Key, worth £100. There was cash to be won and booby prizes too.

There were five questions on your chosen subject. If you got a question right a light flashed on a coastal map of the West Country and you won the amount of money shown. That amount (ranging approx, between £2 and £10) also went to the relevant lifeboat station.

There were two major prizes: the golden galleon which was a boat with three portholes. You chose one of these if you got the golden galleon instead of a cash amount. One porthole had £5, one 50 bottletops and the other had £50. The major prize was the golden key. If you were lucky enough to get this you won £100.


At some point, Treasure Hunt was hosted by the Westward TV presenter David Rodgers.

(In)famous Cornish comedian Jethro made his TV debut on Treasure Hunt playing a pirate co-host.

The Golden Galleon was based on the Westward TV logo which was a model of the Golden Hind.

In 2006, David Rodgers said that there was a ten-year waiting list for audience tickets. The queue for contestants was shorter, a mere eight years long.


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