Treasure Trail



Gordon Burns


Samantha Norman


Action Time for Meridian (regonal), 17 May to 12 July 1994


Format was three players in the studio answering general knowledge questions about the south of England in order to navigate your way (on a map) from three different start points to a final destination, the same for all three players.

For every question you answered correctly you won miles along your journey. The player who reached the final destination first or travelled the greatest distance was the winner. The winner then went against the clock to answer five questions about a pre-assigned town, such as Eastbourne in East Sussex. You then also qualified for the final. There were also clues given to the viewers each week, about a secret location to find, where they could go and register to take part in the final on Brighton seafront. The final was an elimination contest consisting of true or false questions, to win a car.


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