Treasures of the Mindlord



Katy Newell as "Jana"


Characters played by: Richard Worthy, Jeremy Curry, Steve Cooke, Maria Fletcher and Mike Edmonds.


TSW for ITV, 1 May to 12 June 1986 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Apparently this was a forerunner of Knightmare broadcast by that crucible of creative television, TSW.

Details are a bit sketchy but "the Mindlord of a thousand stars" was called Enyon and wore a triangular gold hat that looked like a bishop's mitre that had put on a lot of weight. He challenged children of Earth to compete in various computer games, the winners having the honour of joining his Confederation.

The contestant kids were not blindfolded à la Knightmare, but were guided by a computer telling them where to go. There was also a section which included quiz questions, and the timer was represented by some crude BBC Micro graphics of a stick-figure sitting on a chair, and the blue background was erased either by the walls closing in, or a Pac-Man eating the scenery from the top.

The command "Go towards the flashing lights" invariably resulted in the kid being shunted into a "time tunnel" which may have resulted in a second team beginning their quest.

The final part of the programme consisted of the kid in question picking up various gold objects, and being awarded 5 to 20 credits for each one.

If there were two teams then presumably the winners had the greater number of credits.


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